November 25, 2009

What am i thankful for?

If you have read my blog lately you know that we have not had a good year and everyday getting closer to Thanksgiving i kept asking myself, what am i thankful for, life has not been kind to us lately, i have no desire to celebrate Thanksgiving and then it hits me, here is what i'm thankful for...
  • every person that has prayed for my grandson Asher
  • being able to have Asher with us this Thanksgiving
  • the few that have donated to help my daughter not worry about paying rent this month (from the bottom of my heart, thank you)
  • a boyfriend that has held me when i broke down, and knows that our #1 priority is to get Asher healthy no matter how often and long it keeps me away from home
  • friends and family that have been there for me to talk to and listened, came up to the hospital to bring snacks or just sit with us
  • an ex that i can rely on to be there for whatever our kids need
  • two daughters that have shown me how strong they can be, one dealing with her sons battle of cancer and all the pain that comes with it and the other one that put her life on hold to be there for her sister. So proud of both and thankful that i can call them my daughters
  • i'm also thankful for having a job when so many have lost theirs because of the economy
  • i'm thankful to be alive and be a mother and grandmother and people around me that show me everyday that they love me.
I could probably list a lot more, but this is what just popped in my head. So no matter how bad life seems, remember there are always things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Keep Asher in your prayers, he's doing so well right now, still waiting to hear where he's going for radiation, but we are thankful for that too, thankful for the technology available nowadays.

If you would like to contribute to Ashers fund to help him and his mommy cover expenses you can do so by donating here, every dollar makes a difference!

or you can also send your donation via paypal to his account. The email address is

Any questions about Asher, his treatment or how you can help please email me at

If you would like to read more about his journey you can visit his website here:

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