March 22, 2010

Ashers weekend

Asher spent a lot of time at my house the last four days. I always love having him here, of course i don't get anything done, but after almost loosing him a few months ago you realize that the little things can wait.
Here is a photo recap of my weekend with Asher:
open cabinet

climb into cabinet

empty cabinet...
wait for grandma to put it all back...and repeat

change slobbery shirt...approx. 10 times a day

Antibiotic treatment thru IV
After Asher went home last night, my daughter called and told me that he managed to pull the needle out of his port, she had to call the home health nurse to come and put a new one in. Thank god he'll be done with his antibiotics tomorrow. He's starting to really dislike getting hooked up to the IV.
Don't blame him one bit!

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