November 3, 2009

Asher is turning 1 today

Flashback to 2008...

November 3rd 2008

This monday was filled with fear and excitement, we had to be at the hospital early in the morning for the scheduled c-section. After getting mom and dad ready and prepped they wheeled my daughter into the OR, i always wanted to be there for the birth of my grandchildren and now i couldn't, they would only allow one person to be with her. I was sad but i knew it wasn't my place to take that spot, all i could do was to wait outside. Everyone was there, it was nice to see the support of two completely different families, coming together for this special event.

It seemed to take forever, finally they wheeled my daughter past me, all i could see was her crying. We ended up waiting for a long time, i guess grandparents don't have much of a right when it comes to finding out what the status is. When we couldn't bare the unknown anymore we finally found out that the babys heartbeat wasn't regular, the dad was with the baby in the nursery while they were monitoring his heart. We heard hushed conversations of a possible hole in the heart, reality set in..this could be serious.

My ex got tired of the waiting, we hadn't heard anything about our daughter, he approached the nurses and made it clear he wanted anwers,it's been over an hour after birth, they said they would allow her mom to go in.

My daughter was beside herself, she wanted to know why they won't let the baby in the room with her, the nurses kept telling her she needs to rest, i finally spoke up and said:"she won't rest till she knows her baby is ok". After another hour or so they finally gave the ok for the baby to go to the room, his heart was fine and beating regular, no hole in the heart. what a relief.

November 3rd changed my life, i never thought i would be able to love another human as much as i do my kids, then this little bundle of joy appeared and stole my heart.


6lbs 14 ozs ,20 inches long

Happy birthday little Asher Smasherman, g'ma loves you bunches and bunches

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