November 14, 2009

Sara Lee Fresh Ideas Deli Meat Review

Thanks to Sara Lee and i was given the chance to review Sara Lee Fresh Ideas Deli Meat.
Now firstoff let me tell you that if it was up to me i could probably live on sandwiches and lunchmeat, no lie. We are huge deli meat eaters here, including my children. Sometimes we just eat regular sandwiches, sometimes we make "dipping sandwiches", we use deli meat in omelettes you name it. So i was really excited to try out Sara Lee's lunchmeat. I went to my grocery store and found the products in the refrigerated section right in front of the deli. I chose the oven roasted turkey, roastbeef and ham.
I've never been a big fan of prepackaged lunchmeat, i'm a "regular" at the deli counter and ham and roastbeef are my favorite so i was a little sceptical.
I got to tell you all..i was extremely surprised by how well Sara Lee Fresh Ideas Deli Meat tasted. I couldn't tell the difference between their lunchmeat and my regular deli selections. They were THAT good! The lunchmeat is packaged in plastic pouches inside of plastic containers, i loved that idea. The meat never dried out and was soo juicy and tasteful i was sorry that i hadn't discovered them before.
That night we decided to do our dipping sandwiches for the whole family, my kids always love them and they are so easy to make.
What we do is this:
We get packages of hoagie buns
Shredded cheese
We butter the buns, sprinkle some parsley flakes and shredded cheese on them, garlic powder, onion powder, put them in the oven long enough for the cheese to melt, then we take them out and add the lunchmeat of our choice, put them back in for a few minutes.
Meanwhile we dissolve a cube of beef broth, add a couple of drops of soy sauce, little bit of garlic powder, thats our dip for the sandwiches. Voila and you are done!
My kids couldn't tell the difference between our regular deli meat and the Sara Lee Fresh Ideas meat. One thing i really loved about it, it seemed to stay fresh so much longer than deli meat.
My favorite were ham and roastbeef, my boyfriend loved the turkey and my kids enjoyed all three the same.
If you haven't given Sara Lee a chance i would really urge you to do so, you won't be disappointed. Promise!

1 comments on "Sara Lee Fresh Ideas Deli Meat Review"

Anonymous said...

We have had this before, the Sara Lee deli meats that is, not the dipping sandwiches...which sound
so good!
Back to Sara Lee...they ARE good!!
Very tasty, and do stay fresh!


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