July 27, 2009

Well it's monday..

I really do despise Mondays. How come 3 days off fly by so fast and then monday comes around and time stands still? Just not right!
We went to the lake saturday, i took my grandson with me since he just loves being outdoors. It was HOT, i spent most of the time trying to keep him comfortable and i might have a biased opinion here..but he is a trooper. Almost 9 months old and he is the easiest going baby EVER.
Showed off the flamedisk again that i had won. I have won a lot of things over the last few years, but i have to admit this little invention has impressed more people than i can count. They are totally worth the money, quick lighting (matches included), you can cook in 5 minutes, clean up is a breeze and they are cleaner burning so you are helping the environment too..great little things, i'll definately order some. I just want to note that this is my honest opinion, the company has not given me any incentive to post this..just wanted to throw that out there in case someone is wondering, i'm just really in love with the flamedisks.
Yesterday it was time to hit some stores, made a trip to CVS, Homeland and Walmart. Caught up on some shopping since i've been slacking in that area the past couple of weeks. Well that sums up my weekend, before i knew it monday morning was here....sigh how i hate that alarm clock

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