July 20, 2009

Storm+Lake and boat=Nightmare

Well do i have a story for you...
Saturday my boyfriend and I had one of those rare chances to go fishing late in the evening.
So after going thru our checklist:
  • Checking local weather (little storm, showing to be going north of us, we are clear)
  • Packing snacks
  • Change of clothes (been sick and figured it might get cool(er))
  • Getting boat ready

Off we go. We get to the lake, unload the boat, go to our favorite fishing spot (wayyy out at the other end of the lake), cast our lines.

Ten minutes later i am watching the sky...thinking to myself hmm..pretty dark clouds, must be that storm that showed on the radar but it showed it will go north of us, no worries, right? right??? Because our weathermen are always wrong right!

The clouds come closer, i hear thundering, i see lightening..clouds are beginning to swirl in the sky, smart girl i am i get on my crackberry and go to the weather website, while i'm staring at the radar trying to figure out where that big RED SPOT is..i feel a rain drop..then another. My boyfriend tells me to reel my lines in..i start getting nervous, both my lines tangle up. Then it hit us!

It is pouring down, the wind is blowing like crazy, the anchor isn't holding our bass boat yacht anymore. My boyfriend pulls the anchor in, starts the motor, then looks at me and says: "Put your lifevest on" HUH???? Call me slow but at that moment i realized, we are in HUGE trouble.

We are starting to putter towards the boat ramp at the OTHER END of the lake, i'm sitting in the boat with my lifevest on, getting beat up by hail, getting soaked, freezing my non existing hiney off...and i said my good byes to my girls and my grandson..Seriously. I knew this was it.

Needless to say i survived the "perfect storm" or i wouldn't be here blogging about it, it took us 15 minutes to make it to the boat ramp, we tied up the boat. A bunch of young smartmouths kids were sitting in a truck by the ramp, one rolled down the window while i got off the boat, beat up and soaked and goes "you all catch anything?"

I just glared at him and stomped to the truck, once we got in the truck we both burst out laughing, all i could say was "Guess that will give me something to blog about"

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