July 20, 2009

Flamedisk review

I won a 3pack of flamedisks from a giveaway that @copperbrickroad hosted a few days ago. After giving her my mailing address i was very impressed on how quickly the package arrived. Before the contest i had never heard of this new invention to grilling so i was eager to try it out since we are HUGE..yes HUGE BBQ people...that's what we do, all summer long. Such a great way to gather family and friends.

After saturdays fishing nightmare that you can read about here we ended up going to Lake Carl Blackwell on sunday and met up with a bunch of family and friends. Everyone had a great time swimming, tubing and just hanging out visiting.

When it was time to cookout my brother in law pulled out a big bag of charcoal and lighter fluid. I told him they weren't necessary, since i had brought the flame disks along that i had won. I have to say at first everyone was eyeing the little packages like i had lost my mind, but they changed their minds in about 5 minutes.

We read the instructions and used 2 flame disks since the picnic area had a pretty large grill. They lit up quickly and we were able to start cooking in about 5 minutes, instead of having to wait 20 minutes for the charcoal to get hot, not to mention it was so much safer, my brother in law and lighter fluid are an accident waiting to happen..AHEM.

The disks lasted a little under an hour, enough time for us to cook for about 20 people, the clean up was a breeze! They cooled off quickly and we didn't have to worry about all the kids getting burnt long after we were done, like we usually do.

These flamedisks work great! Everyone was impressed so i would like for you to check out their website http://www.ugogrill.com/ and look at the video. It's a new way of grilling ya'll!

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