December 24, 2009

Oklahoma Blizzard 09

I was born and grew up in Germany, i am used to snow...really i am. Today Oklahoma got hit with snow, ice and sleet and 50mph wind gusts.
I remember putting on my snowsuit and boots when i was younger, sledding ALL day long. Coming home with my fingers numb from the cold and loving every minute of it. Now. Not so much. Yeah i must be getting old, nowadays i prefer to sit on the couch, under my blanket and my laptop looking out the window and enjoying the warmth and comfort of my home.
Then it struck me, i wanted to go out, feel the snow and bare the cold. I lasted 5 minutes lol. Yeah i'm getting old...sigh

runway material...for sure

here's my boyfriend later on, trying to beat my 5 min outside..he's been out there 20 min now and still counting..PFFT showoff

but there is that one nut in our family that really enjoys this...darn german

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