October 23, 2009

An update on Asher

and an update:

they finally figured out what type of tumor it is, and well it's not pretty. the name is:

extraskeletal myxoid chondrosarcoma or EMC, this according to the doctor is an extraordinary rare tumor for a child (average age of patients with this tumor is 40 or older) and very very rare to be seen in the brain.

So here is the dilemma, since it's so very very rare they are not sure how to proceed. Chemotherapy has not been very effective with this type of tumor and radiation in mass is bad enough for an adult but for a baby his age it would cause long term damage, severe damage.

They are now weighing the risks, try chemo and put him thru it and hope for the best, or do nothing and monitor him and see if the tumor develops again and then proceed with treatment. I think they are leaning toward waiting. This is unchartered territory for them and appearently for the whole medical field dealing with this tumor in a child, the doctor that explained this to us has 31 years of experience, he worked at st judes for 14 years, the sarcoma expert is a world leading expert when it comes to sarcomas in children but this has them baffled.they reached out to their colleagues nationwide and one replied to them that he has HEARD of one case.

All i know right now is this:

i will treasure every minute with this boy

we are looking at a bomb that might go off and then it might not

i do know we have the best doctors available

i always thought our little asher was special, but never realized he was THIS special, sadly
keep praying please!

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