August 8, 2009

A visit to the dentist..

My daughter had an appointment to get her wisdom teeth out yesterday. I was off so i offered to take her, watch the baby, play nurse and well be a mom.

Here is how our day went:

  • 6 am wake up
  • 7:40 pick up daughter and grandson
  • 8 am arrive at dentist office, signed in, got seated
  • 8:15 am watching everyone being called to rooms, except us..
  • 8:30 am daughters phone goes off, unknown number, leaves a voicemail
  • 8:31 am daughter checks voicemail, it's from the dentist office wanting to know where we are ...huh?
  • 8:32 am daughter goes to front desk: "are you looking for me?" staff replies: "oh you are here?" no lady..we are just hanging out enjoying your A/C having a picnic..ugh
  • 8:35 am dental assistant comes out with papers for me to sign, i asked her why i have to sign anything, she replies...aren't you her mother? i said..well yeah i am but she's over 18. Assistant looks at my daughter, you are 18? i just said..actually she's 20, should be in your chart you are holding.

**note..i'm kind of loosing my trust in competent people at this office**

  • 8:36 am daughter goes into a room, i'm in waiting room with grandson keeping him occupied
  • 9:10 am a woman and her son leave the dentist office, a dentist runs after them and told them to come back, his assistant forgot to give them a RX for antibiotics and painpills

**note..starting to really worry about my daughters welfare at this point**

  • 9:30 am some guy in scrubs shows up in the waiting room (it's just me and my grandson) he says something, i wasn't sure what he said, he says:"So we are doing two fillings today?" Huh? I gave him a blank stare, excuse me? He goes: "Connie?" i i'm not Connie, he says..well you looked up when i said Connie, i came in a room with only me and my grandson here..and start talking..of course i look up.

**note..really getting fed up with this place**

  • 10:20 am daughter finally comes out, assistant mumbles something about post op
  • 10:35 am i walk to the front desk, asked if there was anything we needed before leaving, front desk barbie hands me a business card with a date on it for the next appointment, it was already written out, just been sitting at her desk.

Needless to say, i told my daughter to find a new dentist, this place was a joke, felt like a bunch of cute young bimbos running around playing doctors office.

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